The Matrёshki


My dear readers, with big pleasure I want to present you the blog “The Matrёshki”! 
“The Matrёshki” – the magazine for girls from girls. Because of the lack of adequate reading material for adequate girls, we’ve created the blog from blogs. We are a small community of authors, among which there are tattoo artist, photographer and even biologist. We are scattered all over the world, from Shanghai to Manhattan. We write on different topics – without water and without censorship. We want to bring together adherents who secretly read men’s magazines. We will speak about boys, alcoholic diets and how to pump up muscles with piles of books. Among our constant columns – Cinema and wine, Brain-Fit, Restaurants and Fiction. Our blog is only on tumblr now, but we plan to grow. 
In the blog “The Matrёshki” I’m responsible for the column about trends, and you can already read my first article. Soon I’ll translation in my blog. For being aware of everything and not miss anything, subscribe to our pages on social networks