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I’m happy to introduce you new topic on my blog – Fashion Dictionary. The idea of creating this came to my mind a few months ago and after several weeks of brainstorming, reading books and preparations, I can share with you my version of Fashion Dictionary! Hope that this topic will be useful for you and you will find something interesting or discover something new. Next part will be on my blog on Tuesday, so stay tuned!


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Accent – underlining of any element of clothes, which always has the touch of your personality.


Accessories –  the auxiliary details intended for decoration and giving finished look to a suit. They include: hat, scarf, gloves, tie, belt, bag, etc.


Agile manufacturing - manufacturing that utilizes a modular production system, where workers are organized into teams that work together to produce an entire garment.


A-line – a style line for apparel in which the dress fits at the shoulder or the skirt at the waist and gradually flares out to a wider hemline, causing it to resemble the letter A. A-line was created by Christian Dior in the 1955, but embodied by his successor Yves Saint Laurent.


Ampir - the style in clothes, architecture and art which arose in France in the period of the reign of the Emperor Napoléon I. The main feature – simplification, the main requirement to clothes – elegance.


Angora – a wool fabric, soft to the touch, with gentle pile of the Angora rabbits: the fluff is combed out in the period of a molt. Natural color – white.


Appliqué – a way of creation of an ornament by cutting and gluing pieces of material and patterns of other colors and textures.


Armseye/Armscye - in dressmaking this word uses and refers to the armhole of a garment.


Arm-party – combination of bracelets from various materials and elements with jeweler bracelets.


Asymmetris stiling - designs wherein parts of the one element are arranged differently or elements of one type that have different shapes or sizes.


Aviators - the model of sunglasses which was specially designed by Ray-Ban brand for the American pilots. Big lenses are made slightly convex and don’t pass light from all sides.

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Ball gown – a type of the dress with a very full skirt that begins at the waist and continues to a formal length.


Baroque – one of the predominating art styles in Europe in the end of XVII – the middle of the XVIII centuries. Suit of this style is characterized by splendor and abundance: women’s skirts were decorated with draperies, the decollete became wide, there were intricate hairstyles.


Basque – a wide strip of fabric sewn on a waistline to dress, jacket, blouse or skirt.


Batik – a technique of an art manual list of fabric with use of the “the reserving means” (paraffin, rubber glue, some pitches and varnishes).


Bircenstocks – simple sandals on a flat sole which name came from the German brand of comfortable footwear ‘Birkenstock’.


Blazer - a fitted jacket of a sports cut from woolen fabric, double-breasted or single-breasted, with metal buttons and the emblem sewed on a sleeve or a breast.


Boleros - a shorter jacket, usually without fastener. Originally was the part of a national Spanish costume, vest of the Spanish toreadors.


Bomber - a shorter jacket, created in 1955 as the special order for the pilots of the U.S Air Force and eventually become the part of the popular culture .


Bordo – the shade of the red color, coinciding with the color of the wine from Bordeaux.


Botforts – boots with high tops covering the knee.


Brogues – kind of the boots decorated with perforation. In traditional execution have a wide heel, a lacing and multilayer leather lining.

Christian Dior SS 12 couture backstage fashion dictionary fashion blogger diana cloudlet




Checks – a pattern of crossed horizontal and vertical lines forming squares.


CAD/CAM/CIM – these acronyms refer to computer based technology used for the design and manufacture of apparel. CAD stands for computer-aided-design (give the designer the ability to experiment with ideas about styles, colors etc.), CAM for computer-aided manufacturing and CIM for computer integrated manufacturing (overcomes the problems that may occur when it is necessary to move the data from the design and manufacturing process to the next step).


Cap sleeves – a short sleeve that sits on the shoulder, between sleeveless and shorts.


Cardigan jacket – a type of knitted garment that has an open front.


Cashmere – a luxury fiber obtained from the cashmere goats of Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq, and India. Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light, and soft. Garments made from it provide excellent insulation.


Chiffon – a lightweight, extremely sheer and soft silk fabric which is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fiber, can by dyed to almost any shade.


Cotton – a natural fluffy fiber that grows in a boll or protective capsule in the seed pod of the cotton plant.


Crocheted – made by looping threads and more decorative styles of stitching – often with flowing lines or scalloped edges to give interest. Used for light, summer sweaters.


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