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Not so long ago I published the post about the wardrobe basics and now I decided to continue this topic and create a new post about colors, and more specifically about the one. Red. It is not only my favorite color, but also one of the basic colors in my wardrobe. So here is the list of reasons why you should wear red…


Suits everything and everybody It does not matter whether your closet consists only of the monochrome colors or you are the big lover of the rainbow, red color will suit your clothes in both cases.


Expresses your personality Red is strongly associated with energy and passion. And you can also wear some lace wigs to make personal style hair style.Women wearing it are perceived as confident, determined and ambitious. Besides, it helps you to stand out in a crowd. Scientists found that men are more attracted to women in red.


It is all about the inner fire That might be not a surprise for you that colors affect our mood, perceptions and actions. Red is the powerful color: it awakens our ‘inner fire’, increases our energy and stimulates us to act.


Makes your outfit expensive There is a simple trick how to look a million dollars without investing a million dollars: wear something red and add touches of gold to your outfit.


Never goes out of fashion Red color is the classics and it is always in fashion.


You can find my top 10 red pieces here 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10. What are your favorites?


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  • Oliver Waldmeier

    great! I totally agree!



  • http://www.thesoberbamboo.co.uk/ Bonnisa

    Well this just made me realise that I onlyown 2 pieces of red clothing! Great post ;)


  • http://curiousclaptrap.blogspot.dk/ Bethany Grace

    I love this! Red is so brave, strong and bold, I always feel powerful wearing it! I agree that it suits anyone too.

    Bethany x


    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

  • Luxe T.

    Very nice !

    Kiss, Léa


  • http://www.anaprodanovich.com Ana Prodanovich

    Red really is the most confident color of them all! If you have some extra time this week take a look at my post on a similar topic: http://anaprodanovich.com/lady-in-red/ :)