Earlier I was the mad supporter of total black. Everything was like in the picture ‘You should wear more color’ – ‘I do’, remember? Very rarely I allowed other colors in image and in every possible way I avoided bright, shouting shades. Fortunately, times have changed, and my preferences in clothes also changed.

We are all accustomed to a total black or total white outfit. Every season this or that trend surely appears on the catwalk and as the firm truth registers in fashion magazines. I decided to risk and go beyond black and white.
This look I’ve decided to do with the red color: my favorite one and I still can’t leave my Céline. Turned out almost total red. Some years ago I hardly would agree to try on such outfit, but now increased self-reliance played a role.
A few tips and ‘how to':

1 If you still do not dare to put on bright total outfit, then for the first time try to dilute the image with 1-2 things in black or white colors
2 Use lipstick, eye shadow or nail polish in your chosen color scheme
3 Pick up a bag and footwear in tone 
4 Choose jewelry in gold or silver shades, making a start from warmth of the chosen color: with warm – gold, with cold – silver
5 Risk!

I hope my advice will be helpful! And I’ll be glad to hear your opinion!
ZARA coat, pants & shoes (similar), H&M t-shirt (similar) & rings (similar), Céline bag, Harper’z Bazaar magazine