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The decorative cosmetics of Chanel by right is considered one of the best. My makeup bag was gradually filled with products of this brand and now I am ready to tell to you about my favourite means.

One of the first means of makeup Chanel, tested me, was the mascara. Over the last year I have tried all three represented by the brand: Le Volume de Chanel, Inimitable and Sublime de Chanel. The final choice was made in favor of the Sublime de Chanel. I love this mascara for perfect division of eyelashes, lengthening and volume, for a comfortable rubber brush and no dark spots under the eyes in the evening. Mascara does not dry up and doesn’t lay down lumps.

The basis of Le Blanc de Chanel is my first and only basis under a make-up. I use this mean under foundation. Le Blanc de Chanel perfectly levels complexion, makes the redness less noticeable, mattes and that isn’t less important, doesn’t clog pores  Besides, the basis can be used not only under foundation,  but also with foundation (to lighten tone), and also over foundation (as a highlighter).

Les 4 ombres – the well-known four of the brand. I rarely use eye shadow and before meeting with Chanel makeup artist did not have any more or less constant palettes, so Les 4 ombres were my first real purchase in the category. Shadows maintain all day (I use base), don’t raise dust when drawing and are easily shaded. Shadows are universal: is suitable both for day, and for an evening make-up.

While I was thinking about the need of purchase of the next blush, the shade of Frivole disappeared from our shops. After that my desire to get them was growing stronger.  By a lucky chance necessary shade was found this fall, the pleasure wasn’t a limit! Blush exactly and easily lays down, perfectly becomes flustered and doesn’t disappear from skin during the day.
In a day make-up I prefer neutral shades. Rouge Coco Shine became for me excellent alternative of a lip gloss. The texture of lipstick is similar to balm, translucent, with the smallest shimmer. Lipstick keeps a couple of hours and then gradually disappears.

Rouge Allure Velvet for me is not simply lipstick. It is a separate element of an image. I use it for an evening make-up and as an accessory. I love it for bright, saturated color and firmness (maintains even having a snack). Lipstick doesn’t roll down, but emphasizes peelings and dries lips a little.
What means from decorative cosmetics of Chanel are used by you? What products especially are pleasant to you?