I’m, like most girls, interested in cosmetics and skin care: study trends, watch video of bloggers, read the reviews. Earlier I always was very skeptical about written in magazines in the section “Beauty”. And before an entry of Allure into the Russian market, I thought that it will be the next magazine eulogizing everyone and everything. Having bought the first number on test, I understood how strongly I was wrong!

More than a year passed from the moment of the first release of Allure, and I still continue to buy the magazine. I like that in Allure not only praise, but also criticize; like honest responses about cosmetics. In Allure there are not only interesting articles from editors, but also useful materials from doctors, and also beautiful shootings and often pleasant gifts. Therefore when I learned that in TSUM will be opening of the corner of “Allure Best of Beauty”, at once I wrote this event in my moleskine. 

allure_allurerussia_alluremagazine_beauty_allurebestofbeauty_outfit_fashion_style_fashionblogger_dianacloudlet allure_allurerussia_alluremagazine_beauty_allurebestofbeauty_outfit_fashion_style_fashionblogger_dianacloudlet allure_allurerussia_alluremagazine_beauty_allurebestofbeauty_outfit_fashion_style_fashionblogger_dianacloudlet Andrey Shilkov, national makeup artist of Yves Saint Laurent

On “Allure Best of Beauty” we studied winners of an award, looked at Ksenia Vagner, Irina Zyazina, Galina Anny performances and saw how the national makeup artist of Yves Saint Laurent Andrey Shilkov works. Most of all I was impressed by the speech of the national training manager of Guerlain  Irina Zyazina. This amazing woman told simple truth which we for some reason forget or ignore: that it is necessary to buy skin care making a start from the problem rather than age; about continuous moistening of skin and that it is not necessary to buy everything. Irina’s position is so close to me! Moreover, performance was not serious and instructive, but madly fascinating, with a sense of humor.  Even men were delighted!

 Irina Zyazina, national training manager of Guerlain

This my look you already saw completely in the previous post. My outfit I choose making a start from pink color. That day I not only put on for the first time this color, but also tried a combination of shirt+sweater. The man’s shirt was ideally suitable for this role. I decided to add usual jeans, white shoes and to dilute it all this with a bag with a cheerful print with Disney characters. But the Swarovski by Shourouk necklace became the main accent, certainly!

Elena Kuletskaya, model and TV host
Alexandr Rogov, stylist, art director and TV host

Irina Zyazina, national training manager of Guerlain and Ksenia Vagner, editor-on-chief of Allure Russia

Ksenia Vagner, editor-on-chief of Allure Russia and Zhanna Kolesnikova, director of the department of perfumery and cosmetics of TSUM

Ksenia Vagner, editor-on-chief of Allure Russia
Do you buy Allure? Do you trust responses on cosmetics and skin care in magazines? Which products are “Best of beauty” for you?
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  • Jessica Cox Valade

    Looks like it was a wonderful experience! I have been a long time fan of Allure here in the US – it’s a great magazine with lots of valuable information! Thanks so much for sharing!!