The main problem of any blogger in the fashion sphere during the fashion week is what to wear? Probably, I would spend some days in thoughts with the scattered things in the middle of the room if not that fact that I sent the demand for accreditation at the last minute and I had no time for long reflections.  Fortunately, I always hold some outfits in my head in advance.

In my opinion it is very important not to lose yourself and your style, creating looks for the fashion week. If you feel uncomfortable in the assembled outfit , think about it: do you really want to look like that , or you just try to surprise everyone? 

Making an outfit for the first day of the Moscow Fashion Week, I made a start from my favourite flowers: red and black. On Valentin Yudashkin’s show I wanted to look bright, but at the same time elegant therefore I preferred a monophonic dress of a simple cut.
The first day of the Moscow Fashion Week was madly interesting and very saturated for me. Around 10 p.m. we left Gostini dvor and slowly went towards parking of TSUM. And, most likely, the following meeting wouldn’t happen during this trip, if not my husband who repeated all the time: “Let’s go to Starbucks” (thanks, dear!) . Having been tired to argue – I agreed. Imagine how I was surprised and how much I was happy when in the trade gallery “Moscow” I saw Oksana On! By nature I am a very shy person (for what I often criticize myself), but this time I decided to forget about constraint and to get acquainted). Oksana – amazing girl! Madly beautiful and improbably cute! I can’t describe those emotions that I felt during our acquaintance but believe me: after that meeting the smile didn’t leave my face all week!)
ZARA coat, Christian Louboutin shoesCéline bag (similar)