I always very sensitive to brands with a long history. Since the childhood I’ve been interested in the companies in which business became favourite for many generations. For me such company is Swarovski brand. The history of the existence of the brand dates back to 1895 when Daniel Swarovski moved to Wattens, having taken with him the electric cutting machine, invented by him, and founded in this small town the nominal company. Today the brand Swarovski is presented in 120 countries of the world, and has continued to develop successfully under control of the fifth generation of a family of Swarovski.

I received my first treasured box a few years ago as a gift from the beloved husband. It was the bracelet with charms. I still remember, with what excitement I untied a bow and how happy I was when I saw a gift! Many years have passed, but I still wear this bracelet – it’s still in an excellent condition! Since then my small collection increased and now I even more often put on Swarovski jewelry.

During Moscow Fashion Week I had an opportunity to visit the main office of Swarovski in Russia. On the second day of our trip we arrived by appointed time in Swarovski. At the office I got acquainted with tremendous girl Kristina! Kristina told me not only about the company, but also about Swarovski jewelry which are so dear to her. It was madly pleasant to know that someone also so sensitive to the jewelry with a history!

I can’t but simply share with you photos of something that sank down in my heart once and for all, this is the Swarovski by Shourouk collection. This fall Nathalie Colin (the creative director of the brand) invited to cooperate the French brand Shourouk. The result was a collection, which has massive necklaces, necklaces on a silk rope, bracelets and earrings with a flower ornament.

In the office I managed to look at some Swarovski collections and choose jewelry for outfits on the Fashion Week which in a short time you will see in the blog!