The first snow in our city went as according to the schedule on the first of December. The spirit of Christmas is already in the air. At this time of the year I like to consider photos from the streets of Europe or America: big Christmas trees on the main squares, houses and show-windows in garlands, unusual Christmas fairs… In our city all this appears only at the end of the month and not in such quantity and therefore the Christmas mood should be created independently.

This week was saturated on events and pleasant surprises. I managed to find the collection number of Vogue – it is obligatory to reading and everyone should have it. I rarely admire its covers, but this one is higher than any praises (and ideally fits interior of my room).

I like to receive gifts from my parents: now I, at last, had a white angora sweater and incredibly tasty tea straight from Laduree. After purchase of the first jar I couldn’t stop and for six months my collection of teas replenished with four new tastes. If you have favourite tea from Laduree or any other brand, please, tell me. Especially I’m interested in advice about two tastes: coconut and ginger and gingerbread.

And in our city will be event which is impossible to miss – a master class of the makeup artist Elena Krygina. Elena – is one of the most popular makeup artists and YouTube-bloggers in our country. I like her lessons very much for simplicity of execution, detailed explanations, tips, interesting tricks and humor. In the Internet it is possible to find the list of the products recommended by Elena (“Krygina’s List”), but I decided to buy only things that I really need. And one of these items – Nouba Millebaci lipstick. Girls if you as I love lipsticks, and often use red color – pay attention to this copy! Easy to apply,  has the convenient applicator, doesn’t dry lips and doesn’t roll down, has the matte finish and surprising firmness. I was waiting for my tube about 2 months, but, believe, it is worth it!

How do you spend your week? Do you already start to decorate your house for the New Year?