I rarely write about fashion shows, but I couldn’t not to talk to you about the first big show of the new creative director of Moschino Jeremy Scott.  I’m sure, the majority of you already saw a jumper ‘Over 20 Billion Served’, a cover for iPhone in the form of a box from French fries, a red cap with the yellow letter “M” and, certainly, a handbag in ‘Happy Meal’ style.

You can read my thoughts about it in our blog. And for those who remained delighted with a new collection, I prepared small amusing diy) So to be fashionable in a new season and not to spend one thousand dollars:
- take in the nearest McDonald’s a box from ‘Happy Meal’. Staff of the restaurant is so generous that will give it to you for ‘Thank you’)
- take your favourite bag, take off her strap and attach it to the box.
Your own bag in Moschino style is ready)

What do you think about the collection?

Girls, you can also find new Moschino collection on Luisa Via Roma

  • Mary Ryabich

    мне понравилась коллекция) возможно она не совсем носибельна и провокационна, как большинство вещей Джереми. на мой взгляд он одел общество потребления в продукты потребления, а тут уже глубокий философский смысл)))

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Коллекция получилась довольно нестандартной, но в тоже время очень интересной)

  • KizzyDoll

    I think it’s ok, I wouldn’t wear a lot of it, but some pieces were interesting!! x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      totally agree with you)

  • Seepz

    I am still not sure about what to think of this collection. This bag is cute, though! I am gonna wait around and see how the street style stars wear this collection

    Have a great day.

    ~ Seepz

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you)

  • Katie

    hahahaha I love it :DD <333

    • Diana Cloudlet


  • karolina

    I can’t stand the latest trend to promote fast foods in fashion…


    Aww this is such a creative idea! <3


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!)

  • Stella Whisper

    очень мило с сумочкой вышло)) я восприняла коллекцию – как хорошо продаваемую иронию над модой))

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Большое спасибо!)
      Мне тоже показалось, что это ирония)