I always perceive criticism very painfully, but even more I am afraid to become the hostage of public stereotypes and to start thinking “like everybody”. I live in the country where to leave the house on a 12-centimeter heels is “comme il faut”; and three stripes on trousers are, first of all, not the sign of Adidas, but are referred to those areas where it is better not to appear. But neither it, nor that fact that there are only 3 pairs of shoes on a flat sole in my collection, couldn’t keep me from the purchase of the main footwear of this spring – sneakers.
While our Russian Fashion Mafia runs across from show to show on heels, more and more western fashionistas give preference to “flat” footwear, even Anna Dello Russo changed the shoes in this season!
Bloggers from different countries already picked up this tendency and show the courageous experiments. There are no restrictions, the question only in the presence of self-confidence. Feel free to wear sneakers with classic beige coat, mini skirt,  dark office suit, and those who isn’t afraid to risk and ready for the astonishment of others, choose an evening dress! The only exception: sports pants – reserve this outfit for a racetrack in the gym.
Specially for you, my dear readers, I prepared a small selection of sneakers which already won the heart many bloggers – is a black-and-white classic from Adidas or bright color couples from Nike.
And I can’t but tell about tremendous Nike Air Max in gold and silver colors. It is now difficult to find them, it is almost impossible, therefore if you have the luck to meet a couple of gold – take, without deliberating!

Did you already find your perfect sneakers?

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