I love spring and, to be honest, for me new year begins in March, not in January. I can be depressed and let myself to be a little lazy in the winter, but in the spring my «perpetual motion machine» starts to work and nothing can stop me. And now, when there are tulips in the house, and the sun already heats absolutely as in spring, to begin a season correctly, I present you some tips for ideal spring

1. Make clear-out and get rid of all unneedeed. Getting rid of old things, you release a place for the new ones. No need to suffer “a moneymaking/hoarding syndrome” and to be afraid to throw out thing that you didn’t use whole eternity.

2. Reconsider your nutrition. We are what we eat. It isn’t necessary to force yourself violently eat broccoli and asparagus every day, but everyone can add some nuts, fruit and vegetables to their menu.

3. Play sports. Fitness, yoga, ballroom dances, tennis – a lot of variants. Choose something that will give you pleasure and don’t pass the training. Here, as well as in any business/case, stability and systematicity are really important.

4. Sort the clothes. Perhaps, it will be better to throw out / give to the friend / orphanage everything, that you didn’t wear for the last year? Think about what would you add, or make the list of desirable things for a new season and follow it. And less black! Add bright colors not only in the clothes, but also in your life!

5. Start reading. Make a list of books that you’d like to read this month and pay reading at least 30 minutes every day before going to bed.

6. Fall in love! Fall in love with yourself. And I wish you to find your Mr.Big! Because nothing can be such inspiring as love and nothnig can make the girl happy as beloved man nearby!

7. Follow your dream! Nothing is impossible. Start with small steps, make a plan and work every day. Think not only about your big dreams, but also about small ones. Probably, it is time to become more courageous? And, as they say, if not now, when?

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    What a great post :) you inspired me ;) I also say that March is more better for new begging not a January :)

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      Екатерина, полностью с Вами согласна! Но не только весна, но и любое время года должно быть идеальным!)

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