“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” once sang Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, but I absolutely not agree with it. For me there is nothing better than a new pair of those ideal shoes! 1,5 years of searches, 3 months in “waiting list”, 5 hours in the road and, at finally, they are mine. The black patent leather, 12-centimeter heel and iconic red sole, aren’t they beautiful?

Which shoes do you want now? Or which pair of shoes is the best for you?
  • LauraEvelynBee

    They are absolutely beautiful! I would like these shoes on my wish list please! So so classic!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • KizzyDoll

    I agree with you completely, I rather have the shoes than the diamonds…gorgeous these are :) Happy weekend doll xx

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!)

  • alessandra

    beautiful shoes! I love Louboutin!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!)

  • mariel

    so gorgeous, this is every girl’s dream shoe :) <3 the red soles and perfect classy design is just perfection

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Totally agree with you!)

  • Kyle Rodriguez

    Diamonds are overrated, I think. Now, a great pair of classic Christian Louboutin shoes… THAT’s more worth it to me ;) <3

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I can’t disagree with you!)
      Nothing can be better than a new pair of perfect shoes)

  • Wynne Prasetyo

    couldn’t agree more. shoes are a woman’s best friend!

    • Diana Cloudlet


  • Hannah Cornish

    Oh my goodness, they are beautiful!

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I’m happy that I’m not the only one who fall in love with shoes)

  • Meg Bolderson

    These are perhaps some of the most beautiful, elegant and classic shoes out there, so beautiful!x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!)

  • Andrea Funk

    These heels are so amazing!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      They are!)
      Thank you!)

  • isa machado

    Perfect shoes girl! ;)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks, dear!)


    They’re BEAUTIFUL <3

    • Diana Cloudlet


  • Laura

    Girl, found your blog and it’s awesome! Stop making me jealous.. How can one pair look casual and at the same time shine like diamonds?

    I want to keep in touch with you. Let me know on my blog

    Laura Macij

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Laura, thank you so much for your comment!

  • Yana Shopina

    Эти туфли великолепны! Одевайте и покоряйте мир! :)

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Большое спасибо, Яна!)
      А о какой пару туфель сейчас мечтаешь ты?

  • Tiana Esparon

    Wow these shoes are perfect. I’d love to own a pair one day…
    Tiana x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!
      I wish you to buy shoes of your dream as soon as possible!)

  • Shannon Jenkins

    Omg I would die for a pair of Pigalles! They are the perfect classic heel! Ps I would love to follow eachother! You have an awesome blog! Now following you via GFC! :)

    <3 Shannon

    • Diana Cloudlet

      For me they are number one classic shoes and must-have among other heels. Which one do you like the most?

  • gail

    The heels are very gorgeous!

    • Diana Cloudlet


  • mihaela

    Damn high heals,they look so sexy and feminine. I love stiletto shoes. Nice post my dear. P.S I just started to follow you. :) Wise women Marilyn Monroe

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • mustwearthat

    Beautiful Christian Louboutins. Love them all.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I believe that it’s impossible not to love louboutins!)

  • Jules

    I agree, shoes are the best. Especially in the form of Loubs ;)

    Jules x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Ha ha, Jules!) So true!

  • Terri

    Such a classic shoe!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Totally agree!

  • Annick

    this pair of heels > diamonds

  • Fashion Over Reason

    I have these in nude and they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever.

    xx Hélène

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Oh, dear, I think they are perfect! Next time I also would like to buy this model in nude color. Don’t you think about buying them in black?

  • Sephie Rojas

    Those are a gorgeous pair of heels! It totally reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City :)

    Strawberry Bunny

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!
      The only shoes that I associate with Carrie is Manolo Blahnik)

  • Catarina Magalhães

    Beautiful shoes!

    An Ideal For Living

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • Deborah TheGoldMoustache

    I love these heels *_* amazing!!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!

  • Chloé Akari

    Ohh they are beautiful! They are such a classic pair of pumps!

    -Chloé Akari

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • Hannah

    These shoes are an absolute dream, I’m determined to have a pair one day! :) x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!
      Do you want to buy black or nude?

  • She’s Dressing Up

    Ah, so beautiful! I’d take any colour ;)

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I’d like to have in all colors)

  • i.s.

    i have those shoes in regular leather and i’m obsessed x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I can understand you feelings)

  • Sharon Pate

    Diamonds are great investments but so are Louboutins. I love these. Black will always be classic so if I had a choice I would pick the black pumps for sure. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. I would love to follow each other on Google + and/or Bloglovin.

  • Victoria Baldwin

    These shoes are absolutely beautiful, I will hopefully one day get my hands on some :D

  • Birdie Liau

    Love the heels it’s so damn elegant and pretty (: x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • Мирослава

    Диан,они великолепные! Подскажи они идут размер в размер или нужно брать чуть больше?

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Мирослава, я говорила с ассистентами в разных онлайн-магазинах, и все мне советовали брать на размер меньше. Но, когда я их померила, то выяснилась, что мне подходит мой обычный размер. У меня обувь 38-39, Pigalle 38.5. Если есть возможность, померий перед покупкой: так ты найдешь свой идеальный размер и поймешь, удобно тебе в них или нет. Pigalle действительно далеко не самая комфортная модель, советую еще обратить внимание на So Kate – очень похожи на Pigalle, их проще найти и многие говорят, что So Kate намного приятнее носить. В твоем городе нет магазина Christian Louboutin?

  • Deborah Poh

    Wow, this is a gorgeous pair of heels– I’m so jealous! I’m glad that you finally got them after such a long time of waiting and searching :) If I were to choose one, I would probably go with the classic black pair for my first since I would want one that I could wear in most situations.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog earlier lovely, I would love to follow your awesome blog as well! I already followed you on GFC and Bloglovin– hope that you can follow back soon!

    xx Debbie

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much, Deborah! I also buy shoes in black color firstly, because this color is suitable in any outfit.

  • Iwona Zając

    These are so classy and timeless shoes!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Agree with you!

  • courtney

    So true, I totally prefer shoes over diamonds all the way! These are amazing!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • Tanya Jean

    Loving the classic black! :)
    xo TJ

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Me too, but also like nude color

  • Visa

    beautiful! love how you took the photos as well.


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!

  • Bella Pummarola

    I prefer diamonds :) But I’ve been looking for the perfect black pumps recently and I think I’m going to get the same model, but with a 10 cm heel. They’re perfect!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I saw this model with a 10 cm heel on net-a-porter several times, I think that you can find them there

  • Lary Mello

    oh my!!!! i’m in love with your shoes!!! someday I want to have one of these <3

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • Kathrin

    love love love!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Me too, dear!)

  • vivian

    oh my goodness, congratulations!! Louboutins are the dream…may these Pigalles take you far in life!

    would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin’? let me know!

    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Vivian, thank you so much for your comment!

  • Lauren Michelle Major

    Those are such beautiful, classic shoes! They will go with absolutely everything! They are so beautiful I think I’d be a bit afraid to wear them. Love your blog!

    I followed you on Bloglovin’, Facebook, and Google+!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Lauren, I totally agree! I believe they will be perfect for every outfit

  • Rebecca

    I can not believe these are yours!! I am SO jealous, they are beautiful!!! Lovely blog, I will be sure to check back for future posts of yours! xx

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much, dear!

  • Faith Pierce

    Absolutely stunning shoes! You can’t go wrong with Louboutins :)


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!
      Totally agree!)

  • krystel

    These really are gorgeous!! and I couldn’t agree more when you say shoes are better than diamonds ;) I love shoes and currently crushing over the Senso Riley collection :’) would also love to have a pair of these ;) xx

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • Amy Cox

    Love Love Love these! i want a pair so much :)

    Amy x

    • Diana Cloudlet


  • Olaita

    Шикарные туфли, мечта любой девушки!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Большое спасибо!)

  • Lyuda Yarosh

    Шикарные туфли. Мечта!

  • Алиса Игина

    туфли конечно супер))) а где ты их покупала или заказывала??

  • BeautyUnearthly

    Очень красивые! Но я не могу носить лодочки, мне нужен ремешок!

  • Bunmi Afuye

    i want! these shoes are so gorgeous !

  • Оксана OSen

    Шикарные! Слов нет!!! О Лабутенах я пока не мечтаю))

  • Оксана OSen

    мои каменты что-то не публикуются… Но повторюсь – туфли шикарные!