Have you been in such situation: you see a thing and it seems that it’s not suitable for you, but then you see it in action, in outfit and immediately fall in love? Such thing happened to me with these sandals. The footwear is a separate subject and a big problem for me. I can look for the ideal couple for years (as it was with my next purchase which I’ll show you soon). For me it’s much easier to update the entire wardrobe, than to find those shoes. So when some couple sinks down into my soul or gets to my wishlist, I buy it, without deliberating.

calvinkleinshirt_swarovskiring_jewelry_outfit_fashion_style_fashionblogger_dianacloudlet calvinkleinshirt_swarovskiring_jewelry_outfit_fashion_style_fashionblogger_dianacloudlet calvinkleinshirt_swarovskiring_jewelry_outfit_fashion_style_fashionblogger_dianacloudlet

I didn’t notice how the summer came, as recently my days fly by with the velocity of light, but I get real pleasure from such madly loaded everyday life. And while in the city there is an intolerable heat, I enjoy cold cocktails and tasty desserts in Sweet Home’ and make the plan of travel for this summer. How do you spend your summer days?
  • Aly

    I’ve been wanting some sandals like these for the longest, I always wondered if they would look ok on me. I really like how your outfit came together! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’d love for us to stay in contact through GFC! I’ve followed!

    xx Aly

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!

  • http://isadione.blogspot.com/ Isa Dione

    The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful blouse you are wearing & next up the shoes :) I also find it hard to find the ‘perfect’ Summer sandals, but that’s because my ankle seems so thin that I tend to slip out of all the normal ones :(
    I spend my current Summer days studying (or rather: procrastinating) for my last exams at the end of June & enjoying the heat on the weekends in my mum’s garden

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much for your comment!
      I wish you good luck with your exams and have a great holidays!)

  • http://www.pursefixation.com Renfashionista

    Lovely interior and great Zara heels!I almost bought them myself!:-)

    Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
    Fashion advice by Renata

    • Diana Cloudlet

      To be honest, I’m a great fan of their shoes and boots. Do you like them?

      • http://www.pursefixation.com Renfashionista

        Yes, a lot! I am about to order some this weekend and feature them in one of my post next month:-) I like the unique design,their attention to detail and the price is great!

        Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
        Fashion advice by Renata

        • Diana Cloudlet

          Congrats with purchase) Can’t wait to see them in your blog!)

          • http://www.pursefixation.com Renfashionista

            Thanks! ;-)

  • http://www.lauraevelynbee.co.uk/ LauraEvelynBee

    These sandals are gorgeous! And I adore your outfit…very chic.
    I am new to blog, but your photography and layout is amazing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.



    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much, dear!
      Such words mean a world for me!

  • Kate H

    This outfit looks so crisp and fresh, perfect for a warm summer day! I like to make plans to visit the beach or take a picnic to the park, I love being outside and soaking up the sunshine :) Thank you for stopping over at my blog!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!
      I understand you) I also hope that I’ll have an opportunity to go to the seaside this summer. Do you like to spend time on the beach?

  • http://inspiremyfancy.blogspot.com Tania Franco

    I know exactly what you mean, I wasn’t sure about the chunky heal trend since it started. Now it’s growing on me, and I really want a pair!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      I understand you, dear)
      I also couldn’t pass this trend

  • Royal Wang

    I totally have that situation and i love your shoes.

    would you like to follow each other? Let me know. Have a nice day


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • Kate

    This outfit is beautiful! And I have done this so many times – decided I don’t like a trend until I see someone wear it a certain way, and then I have to have it! Thank you so much for your very sweet comments on my blog. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot, Kate!
      It also happens with me!)

  • Anova

    I really like this outfit it’s kept modest with a slight masculine touch, in front of this simple background!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!
      I really felt in love with the design of this cafe!

  • http://kalisinspirationboard.blogspot.com/ Kalina Eneva

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the shirt and the shoes so much <3

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Have a great week ahead :)

    Kisses, Kali
    My blog | Giveaway

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • http://polishedcats.blogspot.com/ Karlien – Polished Cats

    I love those shoes! It isn’t that warm in my country (not yet) but still like drinking cocktails in the evening in the sunset

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Where are you from, dear?

      • http://polishedcats.blogspot.com/ Karlien – Polished Cats

        Belgium :)

        • Diana Cloudlet

          Wow! Unfortunately, I’ve never been there( But hope to visit one day!

  • Caroline Kusch

    I simply LOVE those baby-blue sandals by Zara!

    Thanx for your lovely comment, dear! I enjoy reading your creative blog :)

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot for your comment)

  • Deborah

    very pretty outfit, i love how the shirt looks so big and you still are so elegant…

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • http://lorrieloves.blogspot.co.uk/ Lauren Roberts

    I’m the exact same with jewellery! It’s the one thing I struggle to buy – partly because I’m a student and I can’t really justify spending my money on it!
    The outfit you’ve put together is simple and chic and you look great!!!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Oh, dear, I understand you! Which brands are your favorite?

  • Alex

    Великолепное чувства прекрасного

    с уважением редакция http://fanmoda.ru/

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Большое спасибо!)

  • http://ellastreet.com/ Ella

    I REALLY like your shoes! Where can I get them? I am from Canada! Great oufit!

    Stop by my blog when you have time!

    Love from Canada,

    Marie from http://www.ElleCharie.com

    ♥♥Awesome Giveaway!!♥♥

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Marie, try to find them online: http://www.zara.com or in ZARA stories in your country

  • Makeup

    love the sandals! they look like they can go with anything! i’m your new follower, happy blogging!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!)

  • http://www.thefashionstirfry.com/ Busola Coutts

    The sandals are pure perfection. The color is sweet and it works so well with your outfit. You look great Diana.


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!)

  • forarealwoman

    Love your look! I agree with you. Some trends are difficult to wear, but them you fall in love with them. That happened to me with harem pants. I was unsure to try them and now I love them.

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman

    So easy Spanish!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!)

  • Lady parisienne

    You look so lovely and I love the photos, and your sandals are great!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • Patrícia M.

    Sometimes basics is all we need, I’m obsessing about the power of a white shirt. Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


    • Diana Cloudlet

      I’ve the same point of you! I also believe that shoes and accessories play a great role and can transform the most ordinary outfit into something amazing

  • http://www.stylebyjules.blogspot.com/ Jules

    I am really picky when it comes to shoes, too. Yours are looking really nice tho, great outfit!

    Jules x

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!)

  • http://www.alittleboatsailing.com/ Amy

    These types of outfits are just gorgeous, so effortless but equally so beautiful :)

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!)

  • http://www.sartorialdiner.com/ Stephanie

    Love these photos! You styled this look so well! Those shoes are just fabulous.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot!)

  • Julie

    Yes, I kinda feel that way about birkenstocks but have yet to take the plunge :D You look so chic, simple yet very luxe.

    xo- Julie

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Julie, thank you so much for your comment!)

  • Bella Pummarola

    I really like your minimal outfit, it looks very stylish and comfortable. Great pictures, too.


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot)

  • Rosalinda

    You are simply flawless. Love your shoes x


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much)

  • http://thebeautynary.wordpress.com/ Hannelore

    I love these shoes! And they look good with that blouse :)

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!

  • http://frillsandthrills.blogspot.com/ Sam @ Frills & Thrills

    Nothing better than a classic white shirt, you look so chic and elegant. Have a great start to the weekend hun!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much!
      Especially, when this shirt is a shirt of your man)

  • Stephanie

    I feel the same exact way. There are so many times when I am inspired to buy something not because of seeing it on the hanger, but because of seeing it in action!! Great post and super creative pictures! You’re giving me great ideas :)


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Stephanie, I think that these photos of clothes in action are better than simple photos, because they demonstrate how clothes will look in real life, don’t you think so?

  • Alex

    I really like this outfit it’s kept modest with a slight masculine touch, in front of this simple background!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much, Alex!

  • Mona

    You look so gorgeous dear!
    Really like your sense of style ❤️
    Wish you a beautiful sunday!!
    Love, Mona xx

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thanks a lot, Mona!
      Have a nice day!)

  • Jennifer

    What a gorgeous blog you have!! I love your style as well and am so happy you found my blog!
    xoxo, Jenn

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much, dear!)

  • fashionforgiants

    I LOVE your style. This look is great and your photos are gorgeous.

    I’m absolutely following you now!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you, dear!)

  • Annette

    The shoes are cute, but yes I can see that happening sometimes :)


    • Diana Cloudlet

      I think that this can happen with every girl)

  • http://www.acolourfulcanvas.blogspot.com/ Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Oh, those sandals are so gorgeous! In fact, your look elevates a simple white shirt and jeans to something oh so chic!!!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you very much for these words!)

  • http://sassyc0c0.blogspot.co.uk/ Sassy Coco

    Wowowow! Love them! Very elegant outfit


    The Butterfly

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!