I don’t like to take breaks in work and not happy with the lack of posts in the blog for a long time. But sometimes the reasons are more than pleasant) The reasons for my absence, you will learn very soon or already know if follow me on instagram, but for now, as they say, black is always back.

For me black in clothes is not a symptom of a depression and self-doubt,  according to psychologists, it’s color without which I don’t represent the clothes. And, if earlier black was a basis of my wardrobe, now it is one of the basic colors. Nevertheless, I couldn’t refrain from the purchase of this black leather skirt. Firstly, I’m from the category of those people for whom skin is not only a jacket/footwear/bag. Secondly, see me in a mini skirt is almost unreal, skirts, length below a knee, isn’t in my wardrobe too. And, thirdly, this image with midi skirt formed in my head long before I saw this skirt)

What do you think about the relationship of colors and character of the person? Do you agree with the statement that your favorite color says about the qualities and features of people?
  • mauro

    Lovely skirt