Many time has passed since my last beauty-post and today I would like to tell you about the products that have spent in my room several months. For a long time I used skincare from Clarins, about which you can read here, but then my skin started to get used to them and I haven’t received the same effect as before. In search of the ideal I’ve decided to try Payot.

We all know about the usual scheme of daily skin care: cleanser – toner – cream. These products from Payot, and a gommage  which was for me an excellent alternative to scrubs, I’ve used over three months, and today I want to tell you about the result.
1. Nettoyant Moussant DouceurFoaming cleansing cream with papaya extracts 

Today for me it’s the best cleanser and make-up remover. No dryness, tightness and ideally cleaned face from one washing. But I can’t tell how effective this product for removal of a make-up from eyes as for this purpose I always use micellar water.

2. My Payot ToniqueRadiance exfoliating lotion with superfruits extracts

Lotion, unfortunately, came to an end before the picture was taken, but nevertheless I can’t mention it. I used this lotion immediately after Nettoyant Moussant Douceur and before applying the cream. Tonic really refreshes the skin great and after application there is no dryness, that is very rare situation for my skin!

3. Creme MatifanteHydrating firming care

This cream finished my morning facial care routine. For me he was the irreplaceable assistant in the summer: the matting is on top, is enough moistening and cream doesn’t conflict with make-up  But for colder period I plan to find a product which will give more moistening.

4. Gommage Intense Fraicheur - Radiance-boosting exfoliating cream with cranberry extracts

After I started using this cream-srub, I had never thought of returning to usual scrubs. It’s incredibly soft and gentle product, doesn’t scratch skin, but fights against peelings on 5 points!


So it turned out that by the time of purchase of Payot, not only products of my daily face care came to and end, also masks. I heard many positive reviews on some of them and therefore decided to try everything at once.

5. Masque D’ToxRadiance-boosting detoxifying treatment with grapefruit extracts

For several months for complexion alignment I used Korres mask with wild rose, but once tried Payot mask, I’ve understood why she was in top of many beauty-bloggers) It’s simply irreplaceable product! The effect is better than form the Korres mask, and it is visible from the first time. D’Tox I use before bedtime, a couple of times a week, but I put it not for 10 minutes, as advised by the manufacturer, but for 20-30.

6. My Payot MasqueIntense radiance mask with super fruit extracts

Perhaps it’s the only product that has no effect. Absolutely. If you too have tried this mask, please tell me whether was any effect for you?

7. Nutricia Masque - Intense lipid-boosting repair care 

This mask has become a replacement for famous blue Clarins moisturizing mask, while it gives my skin more humidified than Anti-Soif. A great option for the summer, but on a cold period needed replacement.

Despite the fact that I’m still searching for the best skin care products, I’m sure that I’ll not part with a cleansing cream with papaya extract, D’Tox mask and gommage for a long time. These three products will be in my top! 

Have you tried Payot skincare products? Which are your favourite?
  • Launna

    I love exfoliating products, they really make my skin feel so soft and smooth :)

    • Diana Cloudlet

      I also can’t imagine my skin care without it!

  • Maja

    I like the no.4- exfoliating cream and that it doesn’t scratch skin sounds good :) xx Maja

    • Diana Cloudlet

      It’s really good. If you’ll have an opportunity, try it!

  • Mi Musa Dreams

    I love beauty posts. I have the same problem, my skin got used to Kiehl’s products, so I have to start searching newones. It seems I have found them: PAYOT.


    • Diana Cloudlet

      By the way, do you like Kiehl’s? I’d like to try the products of this brand, can you tell me about your favorite?

  • AlenaAlenka

    Не пробовала еще эту марку, но многие хвалят. Спасибо за обзор, надо будет присмотреться.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Алена, надеюсь, Вы найдете подходящие для себя средства, и Вам понравится Payot!

  • Ana Lache

    Очень нравятся средства Payot! И тоже предпочитаю использовать гоммаж. Нежнее и мягче в сравнении со скрабом, и на коже эффект лучше!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Полностью согласна! Раньше не придавала значения этой разницы, а после того как попробовала, не хочу возвращаться к скрабам. А какой гомааж Вы используете в летний период?

  • BeautyUnearthly

    Мне очень нравится паста Гриз.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      А я, к сожалению, не заметила никакого эффекта( Как ты ее используешь?

  • gabrielle

    i never heard about this brand before, but most of these products sound really great, especially the one with papaya extract. yum!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Try it and you will not be disappointed!)

  • miss b

    These products are new to me but I have used Clarins. I’m a fan of Clinique but this Nutricia Masque certainly sounds interesting.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Do you like Clarins? I was trying to use Clinique but it makes me skin look awful(

      • miss b

        I like Clarins but I use more products from Clinique as it seems to suit my skin type.

  • Pearl in Fashion

    To be honest, I’ve never seen those cosmetics before.
    Looks like they are not bad! :) I will pay attention, maybe try the in the future! :)
    Kisses from Austria!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Hope you like it!)

  • Cassandra Too

    Understand the pain of having to find new skincare products. I wonder if I can find Payot in SIngapore.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      You can find them online. I put the link after my post

  • Joana Gomes

    Got to tell you, I’m still a big Clarins fan. Although I’m always up for trying new products. Do you know if these are for sale in the UK?

    • Diana Cloudlet

      It’s very famous brand, so I think you may find it in many stores or buy online

  • Sasha Shabanova

    Мне очень нравится Payot. Было время я тоже пользовалась этой маркой. Сейчас остался дезодоран. Хорошего дня Вам!!!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Никогда не пробовала. А средствами какого брэнда Вы сейчас пользуетесь?

  • Brenda Mendoza

    I would like to try all the products!


    • Diana Cloudlet

      They are worth it!)

  • 2minutos

    Amazing review!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!)

  • Tinuology

    I’m going to check to see if i can get this in Canada

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Hope you’ll find it or you also may buy them online

  • Kat M

    I have never heard of Payot before, but I’m defiantly interested in truing them now!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    P.S. Your blog is super sleek and I love your pictures!