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I’ve always been interested in the difference between the online and the real life world. With the development of technologies there are a lot of activities that can be done both online and offline. Today I’d like to discuss with you online shopping and real life shopping.


Lately I’ve been thinking through about it and caught myself on the thought that my taste and my behaviour are different in both situations. I mean I’m the same person when I do shopping, why do I act differently? First of all, let me say that despite the fact that I love fashion, I don’t like shopping in stores, especially to spend hours there. When it comes I feel like I waste my time. But I can surf online constantly trying to find something and I really enjoy it! Such moments are like fascinating games from the childhood in which I need to find a treasure.


Moreover, in real life I usually go to stores only when I need to buy something urgently and buy only basic things such as black jumper, jeans and simple white t-shirt. Whereas doing shopping online I easily can buy gold sequins dress, red sandals with a high heel or bright leather coat. It seems like I more confident and liberated as a result I choose interesting designer items instead of boring basic things.


Last but not least, nothing compares to the joy that I feel when I receive my parcel! Open such package is like unpack Christmas present. And although I already know what lies inside, pleasure isn’t less.


Did you guys notice any differences in your behaviour doing shopping online and offline? What kind of shopping do you like more and why? I’m really curious to find out about your experience and your thoughts!


As a huge online shopping admirer I’ve decided to make the job easier for you and prepare some my current favorite shopping cravings on SHOPBOP.


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  • Татьяна Федорова

    Интересный пост!) Практически всю одежду я покупаю в интернет-магазинах, и около 5 % приходится на спонтанные покупки, когда я оказываюсь в каких-то торговых центрах. Уже не представляю свою жизнь без онлайн-шоппинга!))

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Татьяна, спасибо!) Для меня онлайн шопинг тоже стал отличной альтернативой долгим походам по магазинам)

  • Ashley Gabrielle

    I agree completely! I only really go to stores if I am looking for something specific. Otherwise I enjoy online shopping more. I like being able to compare items, outfits, prices, etc. all at once and in a timely manner. Plus there are so many more options online.