Just a few weeks left before the New Year, but the Christmas spirit already soars in the air. I won’t hide, New Year’s time – my favorite time of year. Time of the first snow drifts behind a window, a fir-tree smell in the house, Christmas movies and hot chocolate in the evenings. One year replaces another, but there are things which remain invariable. Many years one tradition transferred from generation to generation in our family: preparation for the New Year begins in the first days of December. I remember as in the childhood we came to grandparents and every year spent first December waiting for a miracle – this day the grandfather brought the real fir-tree: with fluffy branches covered with snow, and unique aroma that filled all rooms. In the evenings we gathered everything, the grandmother took out old Christmas toys from the chest, and we started decorating a fir-tree. After hard work and decoration whole house with tinsel, we got on a sofa to watch favourite movies and to drink gingerbread tea with grandmother’s secret ingredient. Many years have passed, but we still keep this tradition.


Times changes and now I decorate a Christmas tree in my home. And, believe me, not only fir-tree) Over the past few years I visited many shop and sites in search of beautiful decorations and subjects for the house which would fit into my interior. I hurry to share with you my discovery! After long searches for several months I, at last, found the ideal online store Westwing! Why Westwing? Firstly, wide range of goods: from a frames for photos, candles and even jewelry for girls to leather sofas and steel stools! Secondly, constant actions and sales, with discounts up to 70% of percent! And, thirdly, beautiful shootings of interiors: it isn’t necessary to suffer in search of the designer any more, Westwing made it for you, having picked up all you need from furniture to trifles for each room! The truth sounds invitingly?



Today I want to tell you about amazing competion for my readers! In honor of the birthday in Russia from 1 to 20 December Westwing holds competition “Happy birthday, beloved Westwing!” For participation, you should go on Westwing and create an account there, then  place selfie in a holiday interior or a photo of a holiday interior with a hashtag #hbwestwing in Instagram. The jury consisting of the Glam and Westwing teams will choose 4 most beautiful photos which authors will receive the certificate for 3 000 rubles, and the main winner will win 30 000 rubles on purchases in Westwing! I wish you all good luck!)

  • Highheels & Tutus

    Gorgeous I love the reindeer ornaments.

    xx, Jodi

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!)

  • Behind the Mirror

    I love Christmas movies and hot chocolate in the evenings! It makes for a wonderful holiday season. xo, Amanda

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Me too!) Can’t imagine this time of the year without hot chocolate, movies, big fri-tree and Christmas decorations)

  • Diana Cloudlet

    Thank you very much!)