Sunlight_ювелирные_украшения_golden_charms_бриллианты_золото_серебро The last days of December – it’s a magical time of the year: time of the first snowdrifts behind a window, the decorated New Year’s tree in the house, hot chocolate and Christmas movies in the evenings, and also gifts. I’m always very sensitive regarding the choice of gifts: I believe that gift should be with sense and history. It should be something that person will never want to leave. This year jewelry became such gift for me. After long searches for some weeks I hurry to share with you my find – jewelry from SUNLIGHT.


The company was founded in 1995, and since then each product is produced on the newest “A” class factory and goes through some stages of quality control. In addition, SUNLIGHT provides a full cycle of guarantee maintenance for all the clients and each buyer can check the jewelry online and receive the certificate of quality. Agree, such approach can’t but cause trust and respect!


Earlier I thought that only a person with several hundred dollars in his pocket can be the happy owner of diamonds, but my stereotype was destroyed during the first visit of of the company’s stores. Even exchange rate fluctuations and current economic situation has not affected on pricing of SUNLIGHT! The stores of the brand offer a wide range of jewelry with unique design at reasonable prices – the best «anti-crisis” gift for friends and relatives.


Coming back to gifts, SUNLIGHT New Year’s collection deserves separate attention: graceful rings, weightless necklace, earrings in «minimalism» style, and also gold charms for suspension brackets, in which it is impossible not to fall in love! Special place in the «silver line» take New Year’s charms, released limited edition: amusing snowmen, flickering snowflakes, Christmas trees – everything that is necessary for creation New Year’s mood!

SUNLIGHT_новогодняя_коллекция_шармы_серебро_ювелирные украшения

The man’s line is also presented to SUNLIGHT, inspired by Damion Hurst’s esthetics: rebellious crosses and necklace with skulls from stainless steel, ceramics and rubber. For admirers of less radical style decisions I recommend to pay attention to bracelets, cuff links, necklace and rings in James Bond’s style.


It’s SUNLIGHT where I found gifts from high-quality materials with unique design which will emphasize the individuality of my family and become the thing which they will keep for many years.


And finally: on the eve of New Year’s holidays SUNLIGHT gives FREE charms for everyone – you just need to to follow this link, and silver charm will be in your pocket!