‘You find no man, at all intellectual,

who is willing to leave London.

No, Sir, when a man is tired of London,

he is tired of life, for there is in London

 all that life can afford’.

Samuel Johnson


London – the center of the world attraction. The city where the history intertwines with the present so closely. The city of Big Ben, the monarchy, rains and fogs, the British, drinking tea, the great detective Sherlock Holmes – everything that comes to mind after the phrase from school books of the English language textbooks ‘London is the capital of Great Britain …’


COS_black_coat_chanel_ballet_flats_prada_bag_leather_pants_gold_bracelets_London_Diana_Cloudlet COS_coat_black_chanel_ballet_flats_prada_bag_leather_pants_London_Diana_Cloudlet COS_black_coat_chanel_ballet_flats_prada_bag_gold_bracelets_hm_leather_pants_London_Diana_Cloudlet COS_black_coat_chanel_ballet_flats_prada_bag_hm_gold_bracelets_leather_pants_London_Diana_Cloudlet COS_black_coat_white_chanel_ballet_flats_prada_bag_leather_pants_London_Diana_Cloudlet


And though I spent two months here and went more than one dozen kilometers, exploring the city, I still think that I saw only a hundredth part of London. Eat traditional fish-and-chips in the British pub, opened in 1515; admire sunsets in the Regent’s Park; bypass the most beautiful palaces and gardens; visit home of Charles Dickens and go through Baker Street, having glanced to Sherlock Holmes’s apartment; feed squirrels in the Saint James Park, who are ready to steal your nuts at the first opportunity; photograph ideal white houses in Chelsea and pastel houses in Notting Hill; spend several hours in Hatchards – the oldest bookstore in the British capital; eat the most tasty snacks and buy vintage pictures in Portobello market; bypass almost all shops on Oxford Street and get lost for a few hours in & Other Stories; meet Victoria Beckham in her first mono boutique on Dover Street; inspired by street-style and see favorite bloggers at London Fashion Week; dine with friends in the park near beloved University of the arts; get lost in corridors of Chelsea University; take the car and to leave the city to spend weekends in the real British hotel in a small village; enjoy the night city from the London Eye…


London_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_red_car London_Notting_Hill_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger London_Notting_Hill_white_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger London_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Regent_Street London_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Piccadilly_Circus London_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Burberry_Regent_street London_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Kensington_Palace London_Kensington_Palace_gold_key_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger London_Big_Ben_autumn_Diana_Cloudlet_fashionblogger



  • Lizzy Hadfield

    Love this!! Nothing beats an all black look, and this one is perfect!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Lizzy, thank you!)

  • Mary Marybell

    Очень стильные фотографии!)))


    • Diana Cloudlet

      Спасибо, Мэри!)

  • Matthew Alexander

    I love London as well! It’s an amazing city <3 I really like your outfit!

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!) Do you live in London?

  • Behind the Mirror

    I love a great all black outfit… this look has turned into my go to this winter. Looks great.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you so much!)

  • Enn Franco

    Ох, как же потрясающе! С Лондоном у меня особые отношения, к нему я всегда чувствовала невероятную привязанность, как будто в прошлой жизни я жила именно там. Была в этом городе всего раз, лет 6-7 назад, и почтий каждый год пытаюсь туда вернуться, но все время что=то не пускает(( Но я осуществлю эту затею снова, у меня получится)

    Диан, твой образ и внешность невероятно сочетаются с туманным Альбионом! Вот как будто ты там выросла, живешь всю жизнь, как будто впитала в себя всю красоту и сю магию этого города! <3

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Дорогая, большое спасибо за такие красивые слова!)

      Уверена, у тебя обязательно получится! И пусть все проблемы с визами обходят тебя стороной) Кстати, ты не планируешь ехать на LFW?

  • Dawn Lucy

    Thanks for the holiday stroll through London. :)


    Dawn Lucy

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Hope you like it!)

  • Jojo S.

    Beautiful pictures of this amazing city :)

    ♥ Joana


    Your photos are amazing Beauty♥ We LOVE your blog!

  • Erin and Katherine

    Those pants are from H&M?? I’m so impressed. Love the photos.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Valerie

    Great post! Love the photos :)
    I have been living in London for 5 weeks now, and I have been here 5 times before and I also have the feeling that there is still so much that I don’t know about and haven’t seen!
    Going to Baker Street and sherlock homes apartment is also on my list of things I want to go to!
    x Val / Valerie Randomness

  • Mariyah

    Those photos are amazing! I just got back from London a week and a half ago, and this made me miss it!

    Ree // Coffee with Ree