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In the previous post I shared with you my travel guide and to-do tips, and today I present you the second part: random facts about Dubai.


- Only 50 years there was a desert on a place of the United Arab Emirates, and today it is one of the richest countries in the world. For 5 million people there are 59 thousand of dollar millionaires.


- The men possess an opportunity to marry several times and have four wives, but the majority thinks that one is enough) They consider that the wife who got used to east luxury – is very expensive deal. If the man has some wives, he should show them the identical relation: same gifts for all wives, same houses, same cars…


Dubai random facts Diana Cloudlet The Palace fashion blogger Dubai random facts UAE_The_Palace_sequins_top_Miss_Guided_London_jeans_shoes_Christian_Louboutin_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_outfit


- Arabs and falcons – never ending love story! Every morning and every evening the owner comes out with a bird in the desert and trains her. Falcons are a part of the family in the Emirates. They have not only a place in the car (where no one else is allowed to sit), but also their own passport. If you make flight with the Arab airline, do not be surprised if next to you will see a man with a falcon in his hand. And do not be not frightened: these birds are very disciplined. By the way, the most expensive and desirable are female falcons – they are bigger and stronger)


- Men wear a dress of white color which is a sign of the noble person – “kandura”, and women dresses are more multilayered. It consists of “kandura” of black color, under it they wear wide trousers “sirval”, and above it they put on black color “abaya”. Expensive finishes and fabrics is a sign of he welfare of the woman’s husband.


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- Marriage is the only legal basis for the relations between man and woman who are going to have children. If the woman is pregnant, she has to be married, and at the first visit in a policlinic she is obliged to provide the original of the marriage certificate. At the child’s birth Arabs receive $20 000.


- Favourite sport of Arabs – camel races. In the races involved camels age from one year to eight years, in each round there are animals of the same sex and age category. Preference, as well as with falcons, they give to female individuals – they have softer pace and style of running more quiet) The average speed which is gathered by animals during competitions – 60 km/h.

Dubai is an amazing city with unusual history and unique culture, where traditions are so closely inter win with modern life . And it doesn’t matter how many you came to Dubai, because every time you’ll fly away with the only thought ‘I want to come back again!’


Dubai_random facts The_Palace_sequins_top_Miss_Guided_London_jeans_shoes_Christian_Louboutin_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Russia Dubai_randomfacts_UAE_Palace_sequins_top_MissGuided_London_jeans_shoes_Christian_Louboutin_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_style_outfit Dubai_UAE_The_Palace_sequins_top_Miss_Guided_London_jeans_shoes_Christian_Louboutin_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Russia_red_soles Dubai random facts UAE_The_Palace_sequins_top_Miss_Guided_London_jeans_shoes_Christian_Louboutin_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_Russia_palm Dubai_UAE_The_Palace_sequins_top_Miss_Guided_London_jeans_shoes_Christian_Louboutin_Diana_Cloudlet_fashion_blogger_sequined_top Missguided top / Pull&Bear jeans / H&M bracelets / Christian Louboutin shoes  The bridal veil: bestweddingveil

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