In the previous post I promised to tell you about the Emirates and the city, and today I hurry to share with you the first part: a travel  guide for your perfect Dubai experience!


The destination: Dubai


Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates located on the Arabian Peninsula in the south of the Persian Gulf with the eponymous capital – the city of Dubai. It’s the most populous city and emirate in the UAE, and the second largest emirate by territorial size after the capital, Abu Dhabi. The first mention of Dubai is dated 1095, but despite such long history, you won’t call the city antique in any way: the Arab culture and traditions are closely bound with modern architecture.


Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide IMG_5988.jpgDubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travelguide Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Dubai_Mall_UAE


How to get there?


Dubai International Airport is the largest in the UAE and the most busiest in the world on the number of the operated flights. ‘Aeroflot’ and ‘Transaero’ carry out daily flights to Dubai, but you shouldn’t forget that you can also buy ‘Emirates’ e-ticket on their site and fly with more comfort!)


Tip: If you have a long flight, for example, to Asia, and change in Dubai is necessary for you, use the service “stopover” or in other words “a stop in the city”. Believe me, it is worth it! If you are afraid to miss flight or you don’t want to do one more visa, you can book the service on the site of the ‘Emirates’ and the airline will take care of everything. Pleasant bonus, agree?)


Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_UEA IMG_6093.jpgDubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travelguide_UAE


Where to stay?


In Dubai, you will find a large selection of accommodation, from luxury-hotels known around the world, to traditional houses in the Arabic style. Don’t hurry to book the hotel in 100 meters from a beach (if you, of course, aren’t going to spend 24 hours on a beach), almost all hotels transfer guests to the sea.


My favourite hotel Emirates Grand Hotel’: it’s located close to Dubai Mall, there are a subway and art galleries within walking distance, and the view of the city and the Arabian Gulf from the roof with a panoramic view is breathtaking! But believe: whatever you chose, service will be at the highest level!


Dubai_UAE_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Dubai_Mall Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Dubai_Mall Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_Dubai_travel_guide


What to do?


- Visit Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates: “the gold market”, thematic SEGA park, Olympic-sized ice rink and ski complex – and all this in combination with 9 000 square meters of “shoe paradise” in Dubai Mall and hundreds of world famous brands from ZARA to Chanel!


 – Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa: the highest skyscraper in the world 828 meters high and with an observation deck on the 124th floor. Be sure to climb to the top to enjoy stunning views of the city!


- Take a trip to the desert: ride on a camel or relax in the tent in the middle of the desert at a camp of bedouins, observing as the sun goes down.


- Visit the old town of Dubai and take a trip on the river: to find out how it all started, look in the Dubai Museum, located in Fort Al Fahidi Fort then walk on narrow lanes and glance in the souvenir shops.


Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_DubaiMall Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_shoes_Dubai_Mall Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Vogue_cafe Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Dubai_Mall_Tiffany Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_DubaiMall_Tiffany


Where to eat?


You can find restaurants for all tastes in Dubai! I strongly recommend you to try Arabian and Lebanese cuisines, and don’t leave the city, without having seafood supper! My favourite restaurant ‘Red lobster’. Delicious food, great choice of dishes with a view on the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa – perfect dinner!)


IMG_6362.jpgDubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Palace Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Palace_UAE Dubai_fashion_blogger_Diana_Cloudlet_style_blog_travel_guide_Burj_Khalifa

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