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Valentine’s Day is coming up! As we all know there are V-Day lovers and those who absolutely hate this holiday, I admit that I’m proud to be the member of the first camp! And I couldn’t ignore this holiday, because I think that the most wonderful thing on the Earth is being in love, and there is nothing more magical than mutual love, don’t you agree, guys?


This year I suggest you to refuse such traditional gifts as a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates and to create something by your hands for your one-an-only. No matter what you’ll choose, a valentine straight from your heart will express the sweetest statement! So introduce you my selection of the special presents for your loved.


14 Valentine’s Day DIY projects


Packages from Oh Happy Day

Valentine coupon book from Capturing Joy

Postcard from Oh Happy Day

Confetti Crackers from Oh Happy Day

Mugs from Studio DIY

Conversation Heart Macarons from Sugar & Cloth

XO art print from The Sweetest Occasion


Boxed Flowers from A pair and A Spare Diy

 Lip patterned gift wrap from Sugar & Cloth

XOXO Valentine’s Brownies from Camille Styles

The bridal veil from bestweddingveil

Rasberry Rose Cocktail from Camille Styles

Valentines Marshmallow Pops from Glorious Treats

Chocolate Shortbread Heart Cookies from Two Peas & Their Pod


First pic source


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    Я совершенно равнодушна к этому дню, но фотографии красивые))


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  • http://roxlibatique.blogspot.com/ Roxanne Libatique

    They all look so cute! ♥ I wish I could’ve seen this post sooner because I wanted to make something for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. :( I guess I can make these next time though! xx

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    These are fab! I love the idea of making vouchers – I might give that a go myself x

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    OMG, how cute is this? The key to your heart is so sweet. great DIY girl night ideas in there too. Love it. xo, Amanda

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    These are such cute Valentine’s Day DIY projects! Love it :)
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    The float away with me idea with the balloons? That’s absolutely perfect. Love these ideas! :)

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    Коробочки с цветами очень красивые, но их можно и на день рождения, и вообще по поводу и без дарить. :)

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    Oh my goodness these are so cute! I love all of the edible treats :)

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    Such great projects. All of these are amazing ideas and would have been perfect for Valentine’s Day! Going to keep these in mind for future holidays!



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    These are some great ideas, nothing like sweet treats to win a heart over


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    These are all so cute! I am book marking this page for next Valentine’s day!


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    Aw, too cute. Hope you had a good one! And I agree that traditional gifts are …well, they’re not exactly boring (because who doesn’t love flowers and/or choco), but there’s so many other things out there too! Even good adventure would do.


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