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The lack of the Sun and the absence of shopping for several weeks made the business and despite the fact that it’s only the beginning of the last winter month, I have already begun my preparations for the upcoming spring. What is your starting point while planning purchases? Mine are bags. I always tell my friends that it’s better to invest in a ‘right’ bag than to buy something like a new shirt or jeans every month. Why? Because this ‘right’ bag can dress up almost everything!


There are so many bags going around at the moment and I advise you no to pursue the last novelty and ‘must bag’ for this season, according to trends, but to made your biggest investments into classic models. How to choose the ‘right’ bag? Analyze your wardrobe and describe the bag of your dream for 5 points: style, size, color, hardware and price.




First of all, think about time of the day and outfits that you want to create with your new bag: day or mostly night looks? Do you need long strap that will let you put a bag over your shoulder? Or you prefer cross body models?




The main question is: what essentials do you need to put into your bag? Make a list of all necessities, that you always take with when you leave home. Do you really need this big bottle of perfume or 3 boxes of different sugar candies? Don’t forget the simple rule: the less you take, the easier your bag. I also noticed that really required minimum of essentials is easy to locate into a small bag like this my Prada bag or this Whistles pastel clutch.

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Analyze your clothes and decide, what colors prevail in your wardrobe: warm or cold? If its your first great bag, I advise you to choose the classics: you can never go wrong with black. As an alternative, pay attention to neutral colors: grey or beige. But be careful: light bags are easy to soil.




The only rule is: don’t combine gold and silver hardware. Think what colors of accessories and jewelry do you prefer more and then you’ll see what you need to choose.




I would recommend to buy 1 expensive bag instead of 5 cheap. Put quality over quantity. Believe me, this investment worth it! And after several years when your ‘right’ bag will be still in good conditions you’ll understand why you spent so much money on this bag.


After you end up with thinking about all these points, you’ll see what is really missing in your wardrobe. One more secret: I always save photos of my favorite bags and outfits with ‘bags of my dream’ in a separate folder on my notebook  – it considerably simplifies a choice) Have a great shopping! And I can’t wait to hear what is your «bag of your dream» now! Tell me in comments)


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  • Champagne Star

    Great tips! I always have a hard time finding bags that look nice, yet are versatile and functional.

    • Diana Cloudlet

      Thank you!)
      Me too. And sometimes I fall in love with design and don’t even think about other functions)

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      Totally agree)

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    Interesting post! Love your blog!
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    Such a great post ;)


  • Carina

    I never put much thought into buying bags, and end up with so many that i use like once or twice and never again.
    This is a useful post. gonna be a process i’d adopt before buying a bag next times!

    X, Carina
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  • holly.sibley

    I ALWAYS have trouble when it comes to bag shopping so tend to dismiss it all together. Great tips, will have to follow these next time

  • Ingrid

    Great tips on choosing the right bag, I def like having a variety of options along with quality. Thanks for sharing!


  • Say Cheesy Cake

    Hi Diana,
    This is such a lovely post. When I decide to splurge, that would have involved years of saving and careful planning so I know I will not regret it. Really good advise, thanks for sharing.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.

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  • Georgia Webb

    This is an awesome post! So helpful! These are all great things to consider :) I can’t wait to make my next purchase :) Georgia x