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When it comes to finding the right products for hydration of my skin, I have to make the whole research and visit not one beauty store. Finished my favorite Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Serum, that I usually use once for a winter, I decided to buy something else to keep my skin hydrated. This time I had the pleasure to try something new. After searching for a few weeks, my choice fell on these two Guerlain products: Super Aqua Serum and Super Aqua Eye Serum.


Honestly, I’ve never bought Guerlain before, but probably, the fact that there are so many positive reviews about the brand and its beauty products made me think that it’s time to try. I use serums for two weeks, but already noticed some pleasant changes: my skin is no longer peeling off and seems more hydrated, wherein the light texture is absorbed quickly and there is no need to use cream after it. Eye Serum also surprised me with a fresh look and not disappearing moistening after use. What else do I love about these products? These serums don’t conflict with my foundation, concealer and powder. And, of course, light smell of roses!


Get these serums, or browse through amazing Guerlain Super Aqua products. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!




  • ashie jade

    I have such trouble with skin care products as I have sensitive skin which makes it so hard! Great post and amazing blog! Love it!

  • lomejordecadatienda

    i love Guerlain products… and i would definitely love to try the Super Aqua line. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  • Celia Meylan

    I’m in love with Guerlain products

  • Inna Slisarenko

    замечательные средства, главное что есть эффект))

  • Jo

    so simple and pretty C:
    please teach me!
    and also I might also try this product hehe

  • Missy May

    Sounds like a great product. Thanks for sharing with us. Reviews help others in terms of making right decisions when it comes to buy products.

  • Jessica-Lee Cicogna

    These products look awesome! I love the smell of roses :) Love your blog xoxo

  • wir-testen

    The products sound great. I have never tried guerlain skin care products before though. Greetings

  • Sophie

    Ooooooh. How was this serum?! I’m also on the hunt for a good hydrating serum and have yet to find one I like. Great blog =)

    Sophie |