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Let me show you the third part of my Fashion Dictionary! You can find all previous parts here.




Gaiter - a piece of fabric worn over the shoe, extending to the ankle or the knee.


Galloon – ape or band, embroidered with gold, silver or  color tinsel, used for stripes on uniform.


Gabardine – a classical dense woolen fabric developed from a merino yarn with sharply expressed small scar going obliquely at an angle 60-70 ° on the face. Gabardine was invented by the founder of Burberry – Thomas Burberry in 1879.


Gaucho - wide-legged pants or divided skirt reaching mid-calf and worn with boots.


Godet - a triangular piece of fabric that is inserted into the lower edge of a skirt or sleeve in order to provide additional fullness. Especially popular when fullness around the hem of a skirt but not at the waist is fashionable.


Gauntlets – dress gloves extending above the wrist.


Gingham - a medium-weight, plain-woven fabric with a plaid or check pattern made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn.


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Herringbone – a V-shaped weave resembling the skeleton of a herring fish.


Herms – the lower edge of a part of a garment that has been finished off with some type of sewing to cover the raw edge. Among the more common types of hems are: plain hem that is turned up and sewn into place; rolled hem used on sheer or delicate fabrics and rolled up by hand into a narrow hem that is sewn with small hand stitches; and faced hem, which is finished with a piece of fabric sewn to the botton of the garment edge and then turned up to the underside and sewn into place.


Hankerchief style - the hem of a blouse or skirt that is gently jagged to form flowing points.




Iridescent - the property of a fabric that appears to change color as it catches the light.


Indigo – dark blue natural dye which was extracted from the plants.


Individuality – a unique originality of the certain person. Set of characteristics and properties that distinguish one individual from another. Manifests itself in character, appearance and specific interests.


Intermission length/Hi-Lo - An intermission-length gown features a hem falling between the knees and ankle; the Hi-Lo variation is a gown of intermission length on the front and floor length or longer in the back.


Intarsia – A colored design knitted on both sides of a fabric.


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Jabot – decorative clothing accessory in the form of the lace or muslin ruffles, which is going down from neck to chest.


Jacquard – the difficult multi-color pattern on fabric or jersey received by means of special technology when drawing doesn’t jam, but it’s interwoven, named after the French inventor Jacquard, who created the car for producing large-figured fabrics due to separate control of each thread of a basis.


Jacket – short outerwear with long or cropped sleeves. Can be single-breasted or double-breasted, with a collar or without. Traditional jackets are fitted silhouette on a figure, but there are many variations. The famous tweed jacket of Coco Chanel came into vogue in the XX century.


Jersey – is a knit fabric used predominantly for clothing manufacture. It was originally made of wool, but is now made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibres. For the first time this fabric was produced on the island Jersey , Channel Islands.


Jouy print - a white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern, depicting a detailed scene, appears.


Just-in-time manufacturing – a manufacturing system in which materials used for manufacture and/or sale are produced precisely at the time they are needed. As a result, no costly storage of inventory is required. Electronic record-keeping and communication about inventory and needs has made this system possible.


Jumper – knitted jacket without collar and without fastener with a neck of any shape, length and volume.

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