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Let me introduce you part five of my Fashion Dictionary! Hope you enjoyed previous chapters and don’t forget that you can find all missed terms here. Next part of the Fashion Dictionary will be on my blog on Tuesday, so stay tuned!

christian dior couture backstage fashion dictionary fashion blogger diana cloudlet




Neglige – a convenient men’s or women’s suit for walks and travel in the XVIII century. Later so began to call easy house women’s clothing.


Nylon – synthetic fiber, known for its high strength and excellent resilience, nylon has superior abrasion resistance and high flexibility.


New Look – style offered by Christian Dior in 1947, presents an image of the woman with a slender waist, brittle shoulders and graceful hips.


Nuremberg egg – clock, invented in Nuremberg (Germany). They had an oviform form and worn on a chain attached to a belt.


christian dior couture backstage fashion dictionary fashion by blogger diana cloudlet




Obi – a long wide belt tying women’s kimono, behind keeps within a beautiful bow.


Organza - a crisp, sheer, lightweight plain-weave fabric, with a medium to high yarn count, made of silk, rayon, nylon, or polyester. The fabric is used primarily in evening and wedding apparel for women.


Ombré – a gradual change of one shade from dark to light (also referred to as degradé).


Oxford – a basic shoe style that either laces shut or is closed with some other fastening. Details of styling and cut will vary. Originally, the term was used by shoemakers to distinguish between low cut shoes and boots. Today the major distinction is in the fact that the shoe has a closing.


Ochre - natural mineral paint of different shades of yellow color. Ochre – the important dye known from antiquity and used in the manufacture of textiles and ceramics , as well as in architecture.


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Patchwork – special technology of sewing at which masters connect rags of fabric of different textures and colors in a uniform cloth.


Palmerston – a men’s coat, behind skintight in a waist that received its name on behalf of the English diplomat lord Palmerston.


Parka – a jacket, covering the upper part of the thigh. Has a waist cord and a large number of overhead and internal pockets.


Paperbag waist – a loose, pleated waistline that gives the impression of a scrunched bag when gathered at the waist.


Peplum – a ruffle or flared section in the construction of a jacket or blouse that extends a short distance below the waistline. Peplums may be sewn to the bodice, cut in one with the bodice, or may be a separate section attached to a belt.


Pleating – is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place.


Poncho – traditional Latin American outerwear in the form of a big rectangular piece of fabric with cut for the head in the middle. From 70th years of the XX century became an element of female clothes.


Prepp –  style in clothes which came from a school uniform of pupils of ‘pre-college preparatory’ — the prestigious colleges preparing youth for receipt in elite higher educational institutions and universities. Preppy style is characterized by mix of an official style and smart casual and means neatness, elitism and convenience. Preppy arose in America in the late forties of the XX century.




Quarter – the section of a shoe that covers the heel. The quarter connects the heel and the upper.

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