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Raglan – the style of a sleeve, where a continuous piece of fabric continues to the neck with no shoulder seam.


Rapport – the basic element of ornament, repeating part of the pattern on the fabric, embroidery or jersey.


Retro – the term applied to the description of style or ancient things that have material or cultural value. Most art critics refer to this style all fashionable directions of the second half of XIX — the first half of the XX century. Thus, older things rank as antiques, younger – as a vintage.


Reticule – a female bag on a long silk cord, decorated with an embroidery. Reticules first appeared the beginning of the XIX century.


Richelieu – an openwork embroidery, in which the edges of the picture are swept off by a loopy seam. It is possible to embroider as manually, and by car.


Ruche – the strips of fabric or a tape collected in the assembly or in the folds which are used for decorating dresses and blouses.


Redingote - long, as a coat, a double-breasted jacket from dark cloth, the fitted silhouette with two small collars and a through fastener. The redingote appeared in England and was originally used as clothes for riding.

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Sabot - footwear on a wooden sole with a massive heel. The sole of a sabot is made of a tree, cork, and also of synthetic materials.


Sabrina - square neckline which Hubert de Givenchy thought up for Audrey Hepburn’s role in Wilder’s movie «Sabrina».


Seersucker – a thin, puckered, cotton fabric.


Signature bag – a handbag, considered a status symbol, that has the signature, initials, or logo of a high fashion designer or company, printed in an allover pattern or placed strategically on the bag so it is visible.


Sac – a type of a traveling bag of an average or is slightly more than average size with the small handle.


Sandals – the lightweight footwear on a flat sole from an imitation or genuine leather, fastened to the legs by straps or ropes.


Sateen - a fabric of satin interlacing, has a shiny silky front surface. The linen from sateen is durable and maintains a large number of washings (200 – 300), only after quite a long time the material begins to dull a little. It is cheaper, than silk, but is more expensive, than other cotton fabrics.


Soliter – the large diamond set in jewel separately without other stones.

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Tie – dye – a method of coloring, at which patterns are formed on fabric indistinct that allows to use at once different colors.


Trompe L’Oeil – an artistic technique where realistic imagery is used so to appear three dimensional.


Tuxedo - an evening black jacket with an open breast and the long, sheathed by silk lapels. In aristocratic society at balls and evenings near the main hall usually there were certain rooms for smoking. For not transferring a tobacco smell from the smoking room, the men entering there put on special smoking jacket which they removed, leaving the smoking room.


Truakar - the elongated jacket or a short coat, 3/4 long, became fashionable in the 1930th year.


T – silhouette – the primitive cut like a spacious Russian shirt, is borrowed from the Russian national clothes.


Tartane – a traditional Scottish checkered ornament from the crossing narrow and wide multi-colored strips, certain colors symbolize a certain clan.


Tweed – woolen melange fabric of a twill weave. According to history which was stated by the Duke of Windsor in his autobiography, fabric received the present name almost incidentally. Around 1830 year one London merchant received the letter from the Scottish town of Hawick in which it was told about fabric tweel. Reading the manuscript, the merchant incorrectly sorted the word and decided that it is about a trademark according to the name of the river Tweed flowing in Scottish Borders textile area. Fabric was advertized as “tweed” and this name was attached to it for ever.


Trench coat – a model of a raincoat with invariable attributes: double-breasted, with shoulder straps and a turn-down collar, cuffs, a coquette, belt and a section behind. Usually the trench is made of waterproof material: a woolen or cotton matter with waterproof impregnation, sometimes leather.

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