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Unitard - skin-tight garment that covers the body from the neck to the wrists and ankles.



Vent – a split in a garment to allow for movement. Common in Forties silhouettes and pencil skirts. Also found on trench coats and formal tailoring.


Velour - a medium-weight, closely-woven fabric with a thick pile. It can be made using either a plain weave or a satin weave construction. It resembles velvet, but has a lower cut pile.


Velvet – a medium-weight, cut-pile constructed fabric in which the cut pile stands up very straight. It is woven using two sets of warp yarns; the extra set creates the pile. Velvet, a luxurious fabric, is commonly made with a filament fiber for high luster and smooth hand.


V-neck/V-back – an open yoke coming to a “V” shape midway down the bodice.


Voile – A crisp, lightweight, plain weave cotton-like fabric, made with high twist yarns in a high yarn count construction. Similar in appearance to organdy and organza.



Watteau back – the back of a garment in which box pleats are placed at the center back and the fabric released by these pleats falls loosely to the bottom of the garment. The name of this style derives from Jean Antoine Watteau, a French artist of the 18th century, in whose paintings women wore dresses with this design feature. The name was not applied to these designs until the 19th century. Today the style continues to be popular, especially in nightgowns and robes.


Welt Pockets – a pocket set into the garment with a slit entrance, as opposed to a patch or flap pocket.


Wide legs - Pants or jeans that are cut extra full through the legs.


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X-ray Fabrics – sheer fabrics with a translucent effect.




Yoke – the part of the garment around the neckline on the front and the back. It is often appliquéd with jewels or appears as an inserted, contrasting fabric.



Zori - a Japanese sandal. Flipflops, toe thongs and slip-on sandals all originate from the Japanese original.


Zest – whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm and excitement, even styling and wearing clothes.

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