Today I want to go back to the basics and dive into the main rules of forming essentials of your wardrobe and share with you the list of the basic pieces that works for me. Let me start by explaining what basics mean in my opinion: essentials that create the foundation of your wardrobe and help you to keep it well-maintained with little updates for the new season or the new year.


While I was forming my wardrobe basics I developed the following rules for classification pieces as basics:

1. They save your time and help you to avoid panic while creating an outfit, you can be ready for any event and get ready in five minutes.

2. Basics save money because once you’ll buy them, you’ll obtain the feeling of having enough clothes and pieces that are made of a high-quality material and don’t need to be replaced for a long time.

3. They are like connecting link: help you to combine different pieces of the rest of your wardrobe and goes with everything.


Before moving on to the list of the basics I’d like to underline that these essentials may not work for everyone. I mean some basic pieces of my wardrobe can be absolutely unnecessary or unacceptable for you. It varies on your personal style and preferences in clothes.


Here is the list of my basics, but don’t forget that I didn’t include shoes and accessories:


1. Leather jacket – for the first time give your choice to black or beige models like this or this. But if you already have it, it’s time to buy something a little unusual that fill into your basic pieces, like this one.


2. Trench – Burberry trench is the classic, but there are many cheaper versions that are made of a good material, like this one.


3. Classic camel wool coat – the only difference is the length: as for me I prefer this or this models.


4. Oversized white shirt – my secret is to buy the smallest size in the men’s department. Perfect options are one, two, three.


5. White t-shirt – ordinary t-shirt and nothing more, like this one or this.


6. Suit that can be worn as separates – it’s better to buy in black or navy colors as the first suit in your wardrobe.


7. Sweater or jumper – pay attention to the material: the best option is made of cashmere.


8. Jeans that are perfect for you - skinny or boyfriend models? As for me I prefer this model.


9. Skirt that fits your figure – my choice is A-line skirt, but I also like these models with interesting details: one, two, three.


10. Little black dress – should be black and elegant, take a look at this one and this one.


These basics are the first and most important step in building the perfect wardrobe that helps you to keep it well-organized and prepare your closet for seasonal mini updates. I recommend you to  look at the following stores for perfect basic pieces: one, two, three, four, five.


Do you have the same list of the basics? If not, share with me yours!

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    I agree, the burberry trench is a classic http://www.thepaarblog.com/

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    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it!

    What i do not have in my closet and def wanna buy: Classic camel wool coat

    I like the leather Esprit jacket, number 3 oversized shirt

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    I definitely loved your blog, modern and basic. Congrats!

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    If I had a Burberry trench I think my life would be complete – one day :)

    Completely agree with the little black dress though.. every girl needs that in their wardrobe xx


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    I’m crazy for basics right now. They really save a lot of money and you’ll always look good wearing them :D


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    The closet photo is super lovely, clean, and crisp. Love the Chanel No. 5 b&w photo! You nailed the most essential pieces of a wardrobe and I love the V. Westwood quote, “do it yourself” which implies be confident which is most important!!!



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    Nice post! I agree, all of that is needed in any closet


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    except for the suit, i basically have all these staples in my closet (gotta find that perfectly fitting suit!)

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    Wardrobe basics are like classics, they never go out of trend and are so easy for mix and matches to create different looks! Thanks for sharing the list of your basics as a guide!


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    Your closet looks amazing, lovely post and sense of writing.


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    If I would have onyl basic, then I would only say: I have nothing to wear…


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    fantastic advise Diana, I am missing a few of these peices which I’m rushing out to buy now

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    Great list of basics! I couldn’t agree more with the white tees and denim that fits great. I have got to find the perfect leather jacket. I think I’m getting closer. hehe. xo, Amanda

  • http://charlieleschroniques.blogspot.com/ Charlie

    I invested in a lot of basics in the last couple of years and I’m glad I did. I used to be a fan of bold prints and I still like them on occasion but creating an outfit is a lot more easier on mornings where I don’t have a lot of time these days !

    Bisous, Charlie

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    Great list Diana! I’m from California – so while it rarely get’s cold enough to wear a trench coat, I always have a denim jacket as a staple in my wardrobe. It’s perfect to throw over a summer dress or maxi, or pair with black pants.