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Last year I realized one simple thing: the most interesting travel turns out when you do not plan anything. And when there was a question ‘‘where to go next?’’, looking at the total absence of snowdrifts outside and a hint on the sun in the next few weeks, the answer came by itself. 5 minutes to buy tickets, 1 hour to get ready, 15 hours on the road and I see mountains in front of me.


Before going to Krasnaya Polyana, I honestly had no idea what to expect. The last trip to Sochi was 15 years ago and I hadn’t any desire to return to those regions, but interest prevailed. Besides, I’ve never been at ski resort before!


‘‘Gorky Gorod’’: about the resort


‘‘Gorky Gorod’’ – is one of the three ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. One of the features of this complex is division into ‘‘Lower City’’ (540 meters above sea level) and the ‘‘Upper Town’’ (960 meters above sea level). It’s quite simple to move between sectors: it’s possible to climb a ropeway from one level to another in the afternoon, and there is a bus service in the evening. To tell the truth, ‘‘Lower City’’ – is more youth and it’s the center of the resort. Here are the main hotels, shopping center with cinema, night clubs and numerous cafes and restaurants – it is impossible to get bored!

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Where to stay?


Frankly, when I hear a combination of ‘’ski resort’’, I immediately imagine that it goes with a high price tag) But ‘‘Gorky Gorod’’ pleasantly surprised me! During the trip, I stayed in the apartments, located at an altitude of 540 meters. It wasn’t the first experience of living in a “flat”, but perhaps the most pleasant) Imagine: you get the whole apartment: a spacious living room with cable TV, kitchen, where you can find almost everything, even a dishwasher, a bedroom with a separate dressing room, bathroom and terrace for only 25 euro or 20 pound sterling per night. Having breakfast on the terrace overlooking mountains under beams of a rising sun – was my favorite part of the day.


Note: before booking compare the price on the official website with the prices on your favorite websites for booking hotels. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the price on the website of the resort is 2 times lower than that the price on the other popular online system!

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What to do?


Ride, ride and again ride! The heart of ‘‘Gorky Gorod’’ is his sports-tourist complex ‘‘Mountain Carousel’’. The maximum height – 2200 meters above sea level. Even if you aren’t fond of winter sports, rise here to enjoy a view of the mountain range – it’s breathtaking! And for those who aren’t separated with snowboards or skis – here are the real expanse! By the way, if you want to see what  is happening on routes right now, open this link. Video from webcams is available not only on the resort website, but also in your hotel room.


If you have already started to search for tickets in the direction ‘‘Sochi’’, then I strongly recommend to arrange your vacation under Quiksilver New Star Camp 2016 which will be held at ‘‘Gorky Gorod’’ from March 26 to April 9! Quiksilver New Star Camp 2016 is the most large-scale sports and entertaining camp in Russia – a huge snowboard park, sports lessons and master classes from the best trainers, competitions for professionals and amateurs, grand parties and many other exiting things! Don’t miss this out!


p.s. don’t forget to check this video from awesome Ksenia and Alexey about last year Quiksilver New Star Camp.

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