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Life has its ups and downs and nobody isn’t insured from the last. And thinking that negative events can not only have a big impact on our mood and emotions, but also completely transform us, our character and our mind is a bit scaring. But I believe that you do you and if there’s something that you can change or affect, you must get it under control. So if you don’t feel that you belong to you now, it’s time to claim back independence and here are three simple tricks how to make it happen.




I strongly believe that negative brings negative. And your family, relatives, friends and even just acquaintances can make an impact on you and play a great role in building your personality. I’ve come to this idea on my experience: when I distracted myself from girlfriends with bad relationships full of negative and stopped talking to them about it, I became more happy in relationship with my man and noticed that the number of our argues and unpleasant moments decreased significantly. You just have to realize that you can’t prevent people to bring you negative, but it’s only up to you whether accept this negative or not.




Acquire one simple rule: it’s ok to say ‘‘yes’’ and it’s ok to say ‘‘no’’. You don’t have to meet the expectations and make the wishes of other people come true. Everything genius is simple. If you don’t want to make something – then don’t make it. Be completely honest with yourself about your needs, feelings and wishes. Ask yourself ‘‘what do I want?’’ first, identify your needs and find a way to meet them.




Life is too short to be someone you’re not in an attempt to please someone else and spend it on people who don’t treat you in a proper way, bad events or negative moments. Remove yourself from negative and start to live with a positive mind, because everything you do starts in your mind. Do what you love and enjoy every aspect of your life. Fails can happen to anyone. Remember the episode when Carrie Bradshaw fell on the catwalk? She rose and continued her way with a smile. You should do the same when life tries to pull you down.


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    Such a cool outfit, love your sequin top! And great post too. Surrounding yourself with positivity and taking care of yourself is important x

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    These tips are so important! It’s nice to have a reminder, and your outfit is flawless. Way to make sequins perfect for daytime!

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    Great pics and post! Totally agree with you! Sometimes I care what will others say but now I know that I should not care about them and do what I really want…
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    I agree with disconnecting from negative things and people. Great write up. Have a nice day.


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    Such an amazing look dear – and totally great advices! Couldn’t agree more!
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    Love how you made this sequin top look cool and casual! | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.

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    Beautiful outfit and great tips!

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    I’m such a huge fan of you top, very glamorous indeed and looks awesome with the glasses :) Very inspiring post,
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    Love the sequin top, photos and inspiration! I completely agree, everything starts with your mind and what you allow yourself to believe!

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    Nice tips, really hard to be strong sometimes to do them all. Love so much how do you dress jeans up with the cool bright top

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    Saying yes and no in the right time is so important. Sadly, I learned this too late. Also, Love your outfit so much. I would love to find a dress like your shirt. Talking about boyfriends, I learned that I do not talk about our stuff not even with best friends or family. It is a very fine line to cross and it can be dangerous. When I know someone is not happy about my decisions I just ignored it and keep living.

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